Target Marketing

Target Marketing

You might think you know who your target audience is, that you have a fair grasp on what your business provides them- but it’s one of the simplest mistakes that companies make. Having a too-wide demographic of your consumer leads to marketing towards a handful of potential clients and a lot of wasted energies on those uninterested. So how do you narrow down and then engage with your target market?

The More Details, the Better

You walk a fine line when you’re looking to pinpoint your ‘typical customer,’ between too general or too intimate. You need more information than ‘women mid-thirties that work’ and much less than ‘walks her dog at 5:30 a.m.’ You need to first take a look at your business’ service or product. Imagine who buys from you:

  • What does your service or product offer, that others don’t or can’t?
  • What do your services or products feature that are unique?
  • Which products or services are least/most successful?
  • Which characteristics do your existing customers have in common?

You can then start to flesh out a more tangible customer, adding to the general details (sex, age, location, work, family) the extra ‘psychographic’ information: