Why is SEO Important

Search engine optimization known as SEO is crucial for ranking all of your online content such as:

  • Website pages
  • Social network profiles
  • Blog posts
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Press releases
  • Uploaded documents

What is Rank

There are several components of SEO that use the term “rank” (PR “page rank”, Alexa Rank, Keyword Rank, etc). Let’s focus on what’s most important, your keyword ranking.  When people search for you, your business, products, or services what do they find?  That number one search result you see after performing a Google search would be considered rank 1.  The goal of most businesses is to rank #1 for as many of the relevant terms that pertain to their business as possible.  Every keyword phrase you would like to rank for, should be thoroughly researched, this will determine what’s required to rank for the targeted keyword phrases.  Without properly optimizing the following items, your business will have a significantly reduced chance of achieving good rankings within popular search engines.  In short, without SEO it will be far more difficult if not impossible to overcome your online competition.

What is Metadata

For web marketing purposes related to video, images, and web pages, always keep the following 5 items in mind. Always make sure your content and media has completed meta fields with relevant information to the content you’re publishing.

  • Titles
  • Descriptions
  • Keywords
  • Tags
  • Transcripts

Why are links important

Click-able links or hyper links from other relevant webpages and sites that link to your content (pages, images, videos, media) make up a percentage of how popular search engines like Google perceive your website.  If you have a bunch of random links from random websites linking into your pages or media than you’re most likely doing more harm than good.  The quality and relevancy of inbound links to your website and media are very important.  If you own a website that deals with SEO or Search Engine Optimization that you obviously want websites about SEO linking to you.  There are many factors that determine how much weight or “Google Juice” you’ll receive from various links.  Everything from the age of the website, content relevancy, how the link is formatted, page rank, and many other factors will determine how much or little each inbound link will help or degrade your site.  We highly recommend staying away from companies that promote getting you links.

How can I get more quality links to my website

This is one of the most common questions asked by many website owners.  Traditionally many companies would start hiring SEO Companies to boost their rankings.  While there are many good Search Optimization Companies out their, there are unfortunately just as many if not more not so good ones. Simply following SEO Best Practices and building natural and quality inbound links that will have a positive effect towards your online marketing efforts. Having a strong social media presence on with a lot of engaging friends and followers has proven to significantly help your SEO.  Inside our VS Insider members area we provide the essential SEO steps required for a solid marketing approach to Search Engine Optimization.  We discuss more than just linking, but how to drive traffic from relevant websites and key internet locations that will help grow your online presence. SEO is an important component of your online marketing plan. Viral Shot members receive a full search engine optimization checklist to follow. More on What is SEO here.